Lake La Farge, the Pits
Left from open pit mining we thank La Farge and Minister of Crown Land for use of this pristine facility. Conservation Mb, removes tons of litter from various pits with no reward except more litter. Litter Bugs destroy our battle for a legal park.

Criminal minded people steal rewards offered by tranquill scenery then thank nature by littering and destroy our battle for a legal park.   Photos show 14 litter bags over 3 days. Total 38 Bags from August thru Labor Day Weekend.
Local Campers, Jeep Club, Quad and Dirt bikers remove litter. Fire were pits dismantled to eliminate glass, nails and fire hazard "NO FIRES ALLOWED"

TOP 10 WANTED LIST / Criminal and Civil
1) #1 WANTED: Criminal Fine $$. Civil Fine $525.00; Reciepts found establish Aug 29th 2015 3:11pm litterbugs fueled at 59er Esso Birds Hill. Henderson Hwy Liquor Mart 2:24pm for Twisted Tea. Deacons Petro Hwy 1 & 207 3:33pm for Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo and Barbeque Sauce and Ice. RCMP has reciepts and photos. Found a $600.00 pair of prescription glasses.

2) Case Closed: Busted with a warning. No charges. If a kid severed foot tendon on glass criminal /civil charges are sought. Black Aces and 8's cards were found here, same cards "Wild Bill Hickock" had when shot at a card game. Our "Wild Bill" won't be littering anymore. Busted.

  Cards Scattered Everywhere

Glass in Water Cuts Tendons

Pink Panties, Bikini and Bra

3) Case Closed: RCMP have the info and waiting it out. Great idea, torch a car get 20 years for arson. They assaulted a camper trying to stop fire would explode killing people. Sweat it out Litterbug, yer renting prime real estate in Stony Mountain.

4) Case Closed: Witnesses state Ya, hoos won the boat on Kijjii. Paddled around the lake then littered the boat in our forrest. Some goofballs smashed glass, draged boat to 3 locations. To eliminate firebugs and kids cut from glass, we hauled boat away. Anyone want the boat? Pay the $80.00 tow fee donates for "NO LITTER SIGNS"

5) Criminal Fine $$. Civil Fine $325.00; Littering is one thing but leave receipts in the bag????? RC's call store, bank gives names and address. Duhhh. This case is in the bag.

6) Criminal Fine $$. Civil Fine $460.00; Lets toss our litter in bushes. Nobody will find it for years. Store receipt found in Liquor Store Bag. Haa, Busted. RCMP has this.

7) Criminal Fine $$. Civil Fine $325.00; Just like McDonalds, Burger King, Subway and Taco Bell. Great, include Steinbach A&W and leave receipt stapled to the bag. Thanks yer busted. RCMP has this.
Litterbugs should vacation in a pig pen. We photo your plate and campsite. Litterbugs destroy our battle to have a legal park.

Photos are common after a weekend. 45 days of grueling cleanup and prosecution forms our facility was spotless after Labor Day weekend.
Do these adult kids need a time out or serious ass kicking in court? Random RCMP, Conservation and Our Undercover photos litterbugs and license plates. DUI on quads get busted. Good people get DUI ovwer 1 beer. Litterbugs draw heat they don't deserve nature.