Avoid Tow and Shop Fees Just to Thaw Vehicle
Our heat is DOT approved. No toxic fumes
Fuel trucks, hazmat, produce, aircraft

We are cold start pro's. Our progressive heat guarentees
you "Keep on Trucking". Booster Rooster 24/7 50 below

Heat & Reheat Produce
with Pilot to Delivery

a)  Pull you to a safe work location. Cone and flag protection if required
b)  Charge batteries only 12v avoids electrical damage or explosion
c)  Tarp engine, run block heater, progressive heat, boost and go
d)  Flush & prime fuel lines, filters with non alcohol conditioner

COLD START PRO – No refreeze down the road you “Keep on Trucking”.

ROADSIDE – Starter, Alternator, Drive Shaft, U-joints, Brakes, Air lines, Fan belts idler, hoses. Overall inspections. Parts on truck or 24/7 parts run. Mobile Welding. Anything to keep you rolling.

HEAVY ROADSIDE – Requires 2nd mechanic. Anything anywhere. Old parts out while new parts delivered, or parts run. Quick fix make your delivery. On way back new parts installed on the fly. New batteries “Cat” or “Drivers Edge” w/warranty. Tires on request.

ROADSIDE RATES – Service Call $40.00 to $129.00 / $1.25 per k return / Idling fee / Travel $10.00 hr / Labor while working $40 to $60.00 hr, 3 hour min. / Credit card deposit before dispatch. Payment in full before truck released. Wireless ATM by BMO. Credits, adjustments or core charges next business day.

Mechanical Problems?   Recommended Repair Centers Below.

PBX Truck Service 1.204.326.3155
100 Center Ave. Blumenort, Mb R0A 0C0



Booster Rooster Roadside
Box 384 Richer, Mb R0E 1S0


$1.25 per kilometer

Fleet Pro Steinbach, Manitoba 1-866-787-8555
360 Hwy 12N Steinbach, Mb R4G 1A6



Fleet Pro Genuine Trucking, 1.204.632.7279
323 Oak Point Hwy, Wpg, Mb R2R 1T9


CAT Batteries 24/7

Call Booster Rooster